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Entrance Mat Category

Entrance mats are a necessity in every building.  They keep mud, dirt, moisture, and debris contained at the entrance which reduces wear and tear on your floors -- making them last longer, and saving you money in maintenance costs.  Also, reducing slip and fall risks due to wet floors.  This alone makes entrance matting a wise investment. 

Mats that feature both scraper and soaker abilities provide the best coverage.  Otherwise, it is recommended to start with a scraper and follow with a soaker to combat debris control first and moisture control second.  The longer the mat, the more effective the mat can be (more surface area to walk on).

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Ultimate Diagonal Tile
Easy to install, heavy duty diagonal tile.  Polypropylene (60 oz face fiber weight).  Resistant to surface abrasion; mold/mildew; UV stabilized.  Scraper/Soaker. 1/2" thick, 19 1/2" x 19 1/2" tile. Glue down. Charcoal only.
Poly 5 Carpet
Heavy duty polypropylene carpet, available in 5 popular patterns - Berber, Herringbone, Plush... 50-52 oz face weight.  Use in areas that require a heavy duty product, such as high traffic entrances, foyers, recessed wells, and more!  Tiles, rolls, or custom cut lengths available.  Soaker/scraper mat.  Many color options.  Optional bevel edging available.
Popular fingertip mat. Excellent scraper mat. Indoor/outdoor. available in 3 popular sizes.  Made of rubber.  Black only.

Poly Rib
Polypropylene carpet in ribbed pattern.  42 oz face weight.  Use in medium to heavy duty applications.  Scraper/soaker mat.  Rolls and custom cut lengths available.  Many color options.  Indoor/outdoor. Can be used in recessed wells.  Optional bevel edging available. 

Poly Diagonal Tile
Polypropylene (37 oz face weight) diagonal ribbed tile.  Use in entrances, landings, surface/recess mount, indoor/outdoor.  Soaker/scraper properties.  Glue down.  19 1/2"x19 1/2" tile. 7 color options.

Tire Tile
Made of recycled tires.  Heavy duty tile may be used indoors or out.  Recess or surface mount.  12"x12" tile.

Scrape Rib
Polypropylene carpet in ribbed pattern.  Vinyl backing.  Scraper/soaker mat. Standard sizes, custom cut lengths and rolls.  Several color options. 

Scrape V
Polypropylene carpet in herringbone pattern.  Vinyl backing.  Scraper/soaker mat.  Standard sizes, custom cut lengths and rolls.  Several color options.

Polypropylene carpet in popular berber pattern.  Vinyl backing.  Scraper/soaker mat.  Standard sizes, custom cut lengths and rolls.  Several color options.

Olefin carpet mat on vinyl backing.  Soaker mat.  Many color options.  Standard sizes, custom cut lengths and rolls.

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