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One of the most popular anti-fatigue matting choices for general use.  It features a unique design that allows the mats to be interlocked together to a desired length.  Or choose the "single" section that is beveled on all 4 sides.  Available in both regular and grease-resistant.

  • Molded "air pockets" beneath mat provides a buoyant, comfortable surface to relieve fatigue
  • Beveled borders eliminate tripping; improves safety
  • Rubber is slip resistant- wet or dry

Applications:  Behind counters, checkout stands, production areas, assembly lines,  areas where people stand or walk for long periods of time.  Use Grease Resistant formula in kitchens, garages, machine shops.

Made of:  Rubber

Thickness:  1/2"

Weight: 10 lbs each

Size: (Note: Connect 2 "End Sections" together or add a "Center Section" to add length)
End Section, Center Section-        28"w x 36"l
    (connects in 3' increments)
Single Section-                            28"w x 36"l   Beveled all sides
End Section, Center Section-        36"w x 24"l 
   (connects in 2' increments)

Design:  Embossed surface; waffle design underside; beveled edges for safety

Installation:  Loose Lay

     Black only


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  • When ordering - specify REGULAR or GREASE RESISTANT
  • Use a SINGLE section for a workstation
  • Connect ENDS and CENTERS to create any length in 2' or 3' increments