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Popular rubber mat can be placed in problem areas or do an entire floor by laying side-by-side.  No adhesive required, as the weight of the mat holds it in place.

  • Use in temporary or permanent applications
  • Gives added floor protection where needed

Champion Sports Mat - Heavy duty flooring

Applications:  Weight rooms, ice rinks, golf clubs, industrial applications, even antifatigue areas

Made of:  Rubber

Thickness:  3/4" and 1/2"

Weight: 100 lbs (3/4") and 65 lbs (1/2") 

Size:  4'x6'

Design:  Embossed surface, smooth underside

Installation:  Loose Lay; Butt several together to cover a large area

Color:   Black    


Champion Sports Mat - close up

Close Up View

Champion Sports Mat - weight room application

Weight Room Application