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Tough, durable, closed-cell vinyl sponge provides a comfortable surface to stand or walk on.  This matting is ideal for industrial or counter areas.  It also insulates against noise and temperature.  Unitary skin resists impacts, traffic and spills. 

  • Yellow border creates a visual safety barrier
  • Improves productivity by reducing fatigue
  • All standard size mats/rolls come will beveled edges for safety
  • Pebble embossed surface

Antifatigue mat with yellow safety border

Applications:  Industrial workstations, walking areas, behind counters, checkout stands, production areas, assembly lines, mail sorting areas, shipping/receiving areas, customer service areas

Made of:  Expanded Vinyl

Thickness:  3/8"

Weight: 3/8"- .75 lbs/square foot 

Size:  (Standard sizes, rolls, and cut lengths available)
     Standard sizes:  2'x3', 3'x5', 3'x12'
     Rolls: 2'x60', 3'x60', 4'x60'

Design:  Pebble Emboss surface with yellow safety border

Installation:  Loose Lay

Colors:    Black/Yellow  (as shown above)