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Excellent indoor/outdoor mat.  Let thousands of tough, flexible, rubber fingers scrape dirt, sand, and moisture from shoes-- before it gets into your building. 

  • Solid rubber stays flexible even in the cold
  • Edges are beveled for safety
  • Conceals dirt and moisture from view until mat is "emptied" with a shake

Rubber "fingertip" mat scrapes/traps debris at the door

Applications:  Entrances, Landing,  Areas with heavy dirt filtration

Made of:  Rubber

Thickness:  5/8"  (please check for proper door clearance)

Size & Weight: 

    24"x32"- 12 lbs
    32"x39"- 20 lbs
    36"x72"- 47 lbs

Design:  Raised "fingers" in a tray with beveled edging

Installation:  Simply lay down

Color:  Black