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Heavy duty interlocking tile.  Made of recycled rubber.  A good economical choice for covering weight rooms or other athletic/sports surfaces. 
  • A member of our BloX Mat Series means that this product features:
    Impact & Spike resistant / Indoor-outdoor / Easy to install / Comfortable / Noise protection / Wear resistant / Maintenance free / Easy to replace / Skid resistant / Heat insulating / Non-flammable

Interlock BloX - interlocking recycled rubber tile 

Applications:  Weight rooms, Portable flooring, Heavy duty floor protection,  Exercise areas

Made of:  Recycled Rubber

Size:  19.5" x 19.5"  (1 tile = 2.64 sq ft)

Design:  Solid top, solid bottom, interlocking sides

Installation:  Loose lay 

Colors:  (listed in order of appearance; request sample for true color representation)

Solid Color options: Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Gray Interlock BloX - blackInterlock BloX - blueInterlock BloX - greenInterlock BloX - yellowInterlock BloX - redInterlock BloX - gray 
 EPDM options (Black background with 25% or 50% EPDM color flecks)      Top row: Red, Green, Gray, Yellow, Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue Middle row: Orange, Earth, Brown, Forest, Apple, Purple, Beige Bottom row: Egg Shell, White, Bright Red, Lime, Cream, Blue, Teal

Interlock BloX - EPDM color options


Interlock BloX - 50% EPDM Orange

Sample of 50% EPDM in Orange