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Heavy duty polypropylene carpeted surface with extra thick cushioned back.  Use as an aerobic floor (reduces leg fatigue and workout injuries), or even in a daycare center to add a little cushion to the floor. 

  • Resistant to wear, light fading, UV degradation, bacteria/fungus
  • Noise reduction, anti-static, anti-fatigue

JumpStart - heavy duty cushioned carpet

Applications:  Health clubs, workout facilities, anti-fatigue areas, daycare centers, anywhere extra cushioning is needed 

Made of:  Needle-punched polypropylene carpet/ foam rubber backing

Thickness:  1" (approx)

Weight:  1.3 lbs / square foot  
Size:  (Rolls, Tiles, and custom lengths available)
   Standard rolls:  78" wide (sold by linear foot)
   Tiles: 18"x18",  19½"x19½",  24"x24", 36"x36" 

Design:  Plush carpet bonded to 9/16" foam backing

Installation:  Loose Lay, adhere down, or secure with double-faced tape

Colors:  (listed in order shown-- request sample for true color representation)
Blue-Gray, Driftwood, Silver
JumpStart - blue/grayJumpStart - driftwoodJumpStart - silver
Resistant:  Wear, fading, UV degradation, fungus, static, carpet beetles, vermin


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Note: We can also make this product with any of our Poly 5 carpets adhered to the foam backing.