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Versatile, high-tech, maintenance-free modular flooring.  It is formulated to withstand the daily abuse of even industrial/ commercial applications -- including forklift traffic. Install over almost any type of existing floor. Create patterns by mixing the colors.
  • Re-surfaces cracked or chipped floors for added safety
  • No costly installation fees-- simply lay down and lock together with a mallet
  • Modular design allows easy replacement of tiles

Lock Tile -heavy duty interlocking PVC tile

Applications:  Industrial floors, weight room, golf course, locker rooms, ice rinks, garage floors, warehouses, temporary/portable flooring, showrooms, airplane hanger, wherever a durable floor is needed

Made of:  PVC

Thickness:  5/16"

Weight: 4.85 lbs per tile 

Size:  19.5"x19.5"   (2.64 sq ft/tile)

Design:  Round raised embossing on the surface.  Raised grid pattern on the underside.  Sides have a "jigsaw" interlocking system.

Installation:  Loose Lay or adhere down.  See full installation instructions below.

Colors:  (listed in order of appearance; request sample for true color representation)

Black, Gray  (Custom colors available with minimum order requirements)

Lock Tile - color options


Installation Instructions / Test Results - Click Here


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  • Easy to install
  • Re-covers cracked / chipped floors
  • Heavy duty
  • Can be used portable / temporary flooring
  • Raised-disc design adds traction for safety

Lock Tile- showroom application/ portable floor


Lock Tile - weight room application

Weight Room

Lock Tile - garage application


Lock Tile - warehouse / manufacturing

Warehouse / Manufacturing