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MEGAFLEX Tile / Interlocking Tile / Mat

Recycled vulcanized rubber matting. Available in 2 color formats: Type I features black backgrounds, which means it will be more cost effective.  Type II features more color compound.  This matting is designed to take abuse for years.

  • Available in Tile, Interlocking Tile, or Mat to best suit your application
  • Can be scrubbed, hospital clean, to control germs and fungus in locker rooms
  • Features traction for safety, durability, resilience, fire resistance, spill/stain resistant, and sound absorption
  • Install over wood and concrete on and above grade

MegaFlex Tile ApplicationMegaFlex Tile Weight Room Application

Applications:  Health clubs, fitness centers, golf/country clubs, hockey arenas, recreational center, multipurpose rooms, professional sports facilities, etc.

Made of:  Recycled vulcanized rubber

Thickness: 3/8" (tile and interlocking tile); 1/2" (mat)

Weight: Tile- 11.5 lbs; Interlocking Tile- 9 lbs

Size:  Tile- 27" x 27" (1 tile = 5.06 sq ft)
          Interlocking Tile- 23.5"x23.5" (1 tile = 3.83 sq ft)
          Mat- 4'x6'  (1 mat = 24 sq ft)
Reducer Strip Available: 1.5" wide x 9' lengths (black only)

Design:  Smooth surface and underside

Installation:  Tile- Adhere down; Interlocking Tile- Loose Lay; Mat- Loose Lay

Maintenance:  Click here for general instructions

Colors:  (listed in order of appearance; request sample for true color representation)
Note - 4x6' mat is available in Type I colors only
     Type I: Black, Blue, Taupe, Natural, Green, Red, Confetti 
     MegaFlex - Type I colors - black background
     Type II: Charcoal, Gray/Gray, Green/Green, Rust,
    Tan/Brown, Confetti/Brown, Cranberry, Confetti/Charcoal,   
     MegaFlex- Type II colors - color background and flecks
Technical Data:
  • Hardness: Shore A (ASTM D-2240) 60 +/- 5 pts
  • Taber Abrasion: (ASTM C-501- 1kg wt 7000 cycles) 6.0% (max) weight loss
  • Tear Resistance: (ASTM D-624) 93 +/- 15 lbs/in
  • Tensile Strength: (ASTM D-412) 525 +/- 100 psi
  • Elongation: (ASTM D-412) 130% +/- 25%
  • 100% Modulus: (ASTM D-412) 390 +/- psi
  • Compression Set: (ASTM D-395 method B) 6.0% +/- 1%
  • Ozone Resistance: (ASTM D-1149- 50 pphm, 70 hrs @104 F, (Bent Loop Method) Pass
  • Impact Resilience: (ASTM D-2632) 32.0% Rebound
  • Coefficient of Friction: (ASTM D-2047) 1.20 dry or wet
  • Critical Radiant Flux: (ASTM E-648 class II) 0.25 watts per sq cm
  • Specific Gravity: 1.14 +/- 0.03
  • Acoustic Properties: 0.60 Sound Absorption Coefficient
  • Stain Resistance: Good
  • Chemical Resistance: Good
  • Spike/Skate Traffic: Excellent
  • R Value (Thermal Insulation): 0.29 ft2 he F/ BTU (0.051 K m2/w)


MegaFlex Interlocking Tile - easy to install/ no adhesive

MegaFlex - interlocking tile