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Rugged carpet-like surface provides a permanent indoor/outdoor surface.  The unique design holds dirt and moisture while maximizing underfoot traction.  It will retain its appearance while upholding to constant abuse. 

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Recessed or Surface use
  • Skate/Spike Resistant

Tire Tile - recycled rubber tires create a heavy duty tile

Applications:  Entrances, Lobbies, Golf Clubs, Ice Rinks, Locker Rooms

Made of: Recycled bus and truck tires

Thickness:  3/8"

Weight:  2 lbs per tile

Size:  12"x12"  (1 sq ft/tile)

Design:  Rubberized fabric strips with the surface buffed to a chenille-like finish. Strips are bonded to a solid adhesive base which acts as a catalyst when placed in contact with Tire Tile Adhesive.
Installation: Product must be adhered down 

Color: Various earth tone colors throughout each tile


Tire Tile - outdoor golf application